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Car Wash Coupons

Good and consistent detailing habits are the key to keeping your car looking great and protecting your valuable investment for as long as possible. We can help you keep your car looking brand new with exclusive detail services performed by our trained detailing specialists using premium grade professional products and tools. We know how to pamper your car!

Hand Wax & Shampoo carpet

– – Get rid of dirt and odors inside your car and protect the paint on the outside. A wax is recommended every 60-90 days to protect your car from the elements – sun, salt, hard water, droppings, insects, sap, etc… Prevent the elements from ruining your car!

Engine Clean Top and bottom A clean engine is a happy engine

-. Engine connectors can break down if dirty and corrosive elements are not cleaned regularly. This engine cleaning will protect your engine and leave it spotless.

Claybar & Hand Wax

– Recommended every 3 months, the clay removes small bumps of oxidation (rust) and tiny scratches from your car, leaving the finish smooth and shiny, like a new paint job. Wax applied afterwards protects the finish from the elements. Try it. See and feel the difference. Your car will thank you.

Professional Interior Detail

– Carpet, Floor Mats, Seats Cleaned. Dashboard, central console, door panels cleaned and treated with interior dressing conditioner.

Professional Exterior Detail

– Oxidation removal, High speed buff, Meguiar’s Carnuba Hand Applied Wax.

Complete Professional Detail

– Interior Detail and Exterior Detail for one low package price! (engine clean not included)

Speed Hand Wax

– Meguiar’s Carnuba Hand Applied Wax and Exterior Dressing and Air Freshener.

Carpet Shampoo

Vacuum, Windows In/Out, Dust Interior, Exterior Dressing, Air Freshener.

Every car receives full interior and exterior service, but you can always choose extras from our in-line and off-line wash options. All services are watched over by a professional staff. In fact, an individual staff member personally completes your car’s service. With a “one-man” per car set-up, you can be sure your car is given the attention it deserves.Since every wash at CAR WASH is considered a full service wash, your car really shines!

A wash always includes the following personalized services:

  • Soft Cloth Wash
  • Wheel Sparkle
  • Computerized Wheel Cleaner
  • Custom Vacuum
  • Windows and Ash Trays
  • Dash and Console
  • Hand Towel Dry